Information you need before starting the budget planner

Before you start to use the budget planner there are a few things that will make it easier to fill in. You will need information on:


  • Your income, e.g. from state benefits, pension details or any earnings
  • Your partner’s income, including any benefits
  • How much money you have going out on debt repayments, or money coming in from interest on savings
  • Your household bills, for gas, electricity, food, mobile and internet payments, leisure activities, etc.
  • Your bank statements so you can refer to them to check your figures


You will be asked to enter whether you are single or in a couple and how many dependent children you have. We use the same definitions as the benefits system. For more information see our help page on whether you are defined as single or in a couple or our help page on when to include children.


The budgeting calculations are based on the information you enter, so be as accurate as possible. If you do not have all the information you need to hand you can save your budget and come back later.